Thailand Visa Services

90 Days Reporting

If you have a Thai visa that has already been extended to a 1 year visa, not a 12 month multiple entry visa but a 90 day visa that has been extended at Thai Immigration for 1 year, then you need to report your address in Thailand to Thai immigration every 90 days. This can be a marriage visa or a retirement visa and also if your have a work permit. Failure to report to immigration will result in a financial penalty and the possibility that your visa does not get extended the following year. The are a number of ways to do your reporting.

Most expats or work permit holders either go in person to Thai immigration or they simply send someone else in their place to do the reporting. Once you have done your reporting they will staple a small letter into your passport which will show that you have reported and will list when you next need to report to Thai immigration. If you fail to report they current charge up to 2,000THB for each late report or 200THB per day to the maximum of 2,000THB or 4,000THB if you are arrested. Some might demand the 4,000THB even if not arrested. Note that you can do your reporting either 7 days before or 7 days after the due date.

You can also report via registered mail and you need to ensure that you send with this letter a 20THB stamp on a self addressed stamped envelope to Thai Immigration. They will need the following:

  • – Copy of face page of passport;
  • – Copy of Thai visa which was extended;
  • – Copy of Thai immigration extension stamp;
  • – Copy of arrival card;
  • – Copy of last reporting letter.

This is normally needed however it is always best to simply go to Thai immigration and do this yourself as it is much easier and safer than doing it by registered mail. Again, if you need assistance then speak to us on the chat messenger on the side of this website.