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The user starts a drawing session by specifying the location of a file in a location tree. This file is then automatically opened and displayed in the drawing window.

One goal of AutoCAD is to facilitate the creation of a mechanical model of a given object. This is achieved by providing two sets of features:

A powerful graphics interface that supports two-dimensional views of any three-dimensional object.

A high degree of customization, with an advanced interface that allows the creation and editing of 2D and 3D objects of a highly custom nature.

For both desktop and mobile applications, AutoCAD uses the Portable Document Format (PDF) to store files. In many countries AutoCAD users can access AutoCAD files from any computer connected to the Internet via a web browser.

AutoCAD is licensed as a single user desktop version. In order to support multiple users, AutoCAD can be used for parallel drafting. AutoCAD supports batch processing of AutoCAD drawings through its integrated tools such as 3D web publishing and print.

Although AutoCAD has been criticized for its high price, it is widely used in architectural, automotive, construction, engineering, and other fields.

AutoCAD was developed in 1980 by Albrecht Holz, a partner of DWG (Dynamics Workshop Graphics) in Columbus, Ohio. While it initially could not run on many microcomputers, it was bundled with MicroPilot, a microcomputer that was compatible with Apple II, IBM PC and Xerox 6200.

There were no AutoCAD user manuals until Version 4.2 in 1994, the first AutoCAD User’s Guide being published in the spring of 1996.

AutoCAD’s first release was a vector graphics, programmable drafting program. Vector drawing technology is now commonly used with AutoCAD, providing better image fidelity and editing.

In 1982, DWG released an early version of AutoCAD called AutoCAD/1, which was based on the PCX graphics package. With the release of AutoCAD/1, DWG made available an early version of the company’s proprietary CADDye graphics driver. AutoCAD/1 was an industrial design package, and later on it was expanded to include architectural applications.

AutoCAD/2 was released in 1984, and was a two-dimensional drafting package. Later that year, AutoCAD/

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A polygon mesh format supporting a restricted subset of the X3D language, which is itself based on XML. X3D, in turn, is based on the XML Schema Definition language. X3D is a free and open standard. X3D is used in:
3DS MAX, Autodesk’s 3D design and animation software.
Maya (formerly 3D Studio Max) – by Autodesk,
Motion Builder – by Autodesk.
Simulation Builder – Autodesk’s software for the AEC/CAD industry

Applications built using Autodesk’s API to access X3D are known as X3DAutocad apps, and are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS platforms.

Application programming interface
An application programming interface (API) is a set of functions and data structures (also known as interfaces) used in software engineering. AutoCAD’s API is composed of
Visual LISP (VPL) – a common programming language, integrated with AutoCAD
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – a Microsoft Visual Basic scripting language that can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
AutoCAD External API (AEP) – for integration with other applications.

Graphics and CAD functionality
A graphics object can be drawn in a drawing or a viewport. A graphics object can be defined as a template for future objects. The following objects are defined in a drawing as templates:
Geometry templates
Text templates
Command icons templates
Layered templates
Drafting line templates
Sectional plane templates
Bezier curves
Diameter lines
Text boxes
Text frame
Parametric objects
Pane definitions
Camera views

Command palette
The AutoCAD user interface is organized in function groups known as command palettes. The AutoCAD command palette is used to control various drawing and editing functions through a customizable panel that provides commands to perform the functions. The command palette is presented when selecting a new command in the tool bar.

Command windows
There are several kinds of windows, and each type has a function.

Command dialog

AutoCAD [2022]

Go to Project -> Tools -> Registration Tools -> Registration File

Select the registration file (which contains a key) you downloaded
Click on Load and press Enter.

This is how you use the Registration key to register your license.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Easily share your feedback and collaborate with others online. Share your markup on cloud services such as Google Drive and include references to related data.

Improved rubber band:

Draw freehand, create wireframe objects and text, and apply multiple objects and bezier curves with unique rubber band grips.

More drawing:

Simplify and fine-tune your drawings with tighter linework and borders.

Erase existing drawings:

Erase drawing artifacts and start fresh with a new fresh state.

Save points:

Save changes and preview drawings and annotations while you work on a drawing.

Edit Points:

Review and modify past edits directly.

In addition, AutoCAD 2023 for Mac includes the following new and improved features and enhancements:

Seamless, native PDF export:

Transparent PDFs enable you to work with all AutoCAD features, such as editing the layers, rotation, and perspective, inside the PDF without having to reposition the file.

Dynamically-sized thumbnails for PDFs:

Create thumbnails of PDFs that automatically resizes based on the size of your PDF.

Access PDF markup on-screen:

Quickly find markup and annotations on PDFs using the on-screen Find Markups menu.


Rotate, mirror, and crop PDFs in 90-degree increments with the Rotate tool.


Select which markup style you want to apply to the PDF.

Paper space selection:

Select the paper space you want to display and use with the Select Paper Space tool.


Get thumbnails of individual pages of PDFs, so you can quickly browse and reference the pages of PDFs.

PDF annotation tools:

Place, print, and duplicate annotations on PDF pages. Use the Markups tool to select, place, and print annotations.

Cross-reference PDF pages:

Find and link to referenced PDF pages within a PDF. You can also use the Select Cross-Reference tool to quickly navigate and open PDF pages.


Edit and re-locate the pages of a PDF.

Consolidated search:

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual-core processor (1.6 GHz or higher)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
Hard-disk space: 200 MB free space
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