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Business Visa Thailand

The business visa in Thailand can be used for a number of purposes but is mainly not understood correctly. The Thai business visa does not give you the right to work. It is not a real Thai work visa.

Business Visa ThailandThe Thai business visa also called the Thai work visa does not give you the right to work in Thailand. It only gives you the opportunity to apply for a Thai work permit in Thailand. There are two types of business visas’ in Thailand. The one is a single entry Thai business visa which allows you to enter Thailand for 3 months. This is the most common visa issued – single entry. They are cheaper however they are once off visas. The other is a multiple entry visa which which is divided into 4 ‘legs’. Each leg is valid for 3 months. Before the vist lapses you need to do a visa run to activate the next leg. Once entering Thailand again a new leg would be started also valid for 3 months. Border runs or visa runs are common in Thailand as people use it to activate the next leg on their visa.

Once you have a business visa you can apply for a work permit in Thailand . Once the work permit is granted your visa is extended to the same date as the expiration of your work permit. The process is complicated and the rules change more often than not. Speak to one of our attorneys with regards to your application and the process either visa our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers, online via live chat or walk into any of our law office countrywide.