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Re-Entry Permits in Thailand

If you’re on a single-entry Visa and want to leave Thailand and re-enter, you need to get a Re-entry Permit. These can be obtained from the Immigration office before your trip or at an airport on your departure day.

Re-entry Permits allow you to travel to neighboring countries while keeping your current visa in Thailand valid. If you depart without one, your visa will become null and void.

Single Entry Permit

If you hold a Non Immigrant O Visa (for example, a TEFL or Thai language course visa), then you are required to have a Single Re-entry Permit in order to leave Thailand and not have your visa become void. If you exit the country without having this permit then your visa will be considered void and you won’t be able to re-enter until you have the correct paperwork, meaning that you would need to go through the whole process again and pay for a new visa.

Many long stay teachers are unaware of this and are shocked when their visa is canceled when they don’t have the permit in hand. Luckily, the permit is very easy to obtain and will save you a lot of time and hassle. You can choose between a single entry permit or a multiple re-entry permit, depending on how many trips you plan to make. Both options allow you to re-enter for the duration of your permission to stay in Thailand.

Multiple Entry Permit

The Multiple Re-Entry Permit allows the visa holder to leave and re-enter Thailand for the duration of the visa as many times as he or she likes. This permit is available from the Immigration Office and at the Airport. When obtaining a Re-Entry Permit at an International Airport, it is best to get there early, as the processing can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the number of people waiting.

Re-Entry Permits are important for anyone whose Thai visa is due to expire and wants to continue working in the country or traveling around the region. Additionally, re-entry permits are important for teachers, students or retirees who hold year-long Thai visas and want to travel or visit relatives without having their visa become void. A re-entry permit can also be useful for emergency situations when foreign visitors need to leave Thailand but intend to return. If a visa holder leaves the country without having a valid re-entry permit or is caught staying beyond their allowed length of stay, their permit will be cancelled.

Application Procedure

Re-entry permits allow visa holders to leave and re-enter Thailand on their existing single entry visa without it being deemed void. This is important for those with a limited time to stay in the country and need to travel on work assignments or family visits outside the country.

Re-Entry Permits are available to those with a Non-Immigrant O, Marriage, or Year-long Visa for Work from the Thai Immigration Bureau. However, we advise against showing up to the airport re-entry permit office expecting this service since it is often closed or the employee on duty will be out for lunch.

This service is also not available at all international airports, so it’s best to plan ahead and visit the Immigration office at your place of departure. Be sure to bring all required documents. Even a small oversight such as a missing passport photo can result in delays. For employees working under a work permit, an interview with the Immigration Office will be required to verify employment and visa details.


Getting a Re-entry Permit is important because if you leave the country without it your current visa becomes void and you will have to start all over again if you want to return. This can be time consuming and costly not to mention the fines you might face for overstaying your visa.

Re-entry permits are available for most types of visas including Tourist Visas and Non-Immigrant Visas. However, the conditions to qualify for one must be met.

Re-entry Permits can be obtained at a Thai Immigration Office or at the airport. However, the process at the airport is typically faster and more convenient. At Suvarnabhumi Airport for example, the re-entry permit counter is located after security screening but before passport control. You can also ask a friend or family member to apply on your behalf if you prefer. The fee is 1,000 baht for a Single Re-entry Permit or 3,800 baht for a Multiple Re-entry Permit.