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Retirement Visa in Thailand

Retirement in Thailand

Thai Retirement Visa is divided into two process: 1.) securing the initial non-immigrant visa; and 2.) obtaining the One Year Retirement Visa. To qualify for the Retirement Visa, the applicant needs to be eligible under all applicable Thai law for the visa category for which the foreigner is applying. To determine if you are qualified, check the overview for Thai Retirement Visa below:

Step 1: Obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa

Obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa is the first step of Retirement Visa process. The Non-Immigrant Visa serves as the initial visa prior to application for Retirement Visa, which must be applied from the applicant’s home country or permanent residence of the country of application. This is the visa you have to use so you can enter Thailand.

Requirements to secure the initial Non-Immigrant Visa includes:

  • valid passport
  • proof of funds
  • you must be holding nationality or permanent residence of the country of application

Step 2: Obtain a One-Year Retirement Visa

Upon obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa, you will be ready to fly to Thailand. Upon arrival, then you can obtain the One-Year Retirement Visa.

Requirements for the One Year Retirement Visa:

  • must be 50 years old and above
  • photocopy of each page of passport, signed
  • non-immigrant visa
  • departure card (TM.6)
  • proof of meeting the financial requirements such as original thai bank book or letter from your bank

Meeting the Financial Requirements:

One of the eligibility to apply for Retirement Visa would be by meeting the Financial Requirements you can choose one:

  • Bank Account showing THB 800,000
  • Monthly income of at least THB 65,000
  • Combination (Bank Account + (Income x 12) = THB 800,000)

The Retirement Visa once approved allows you to stay in Thailand for one year. You are not allowed to have employment while on this type of visa. Also you are required to report to the Immigration every 90 days to verify your current address. This applies for all long term visas.


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