Thailand Visa Services

Thailand Work Permit

A work permit is a vital document that regulates the kind of work a foreigner can perform in Thailand. Working without this document is a violation of the law and can lead to serious consequences. To obtain a work permit, the applicant must present various documents. These include the passport (copies of all pages signed), […]

Visa on Arrival in Thailand

Visa on Arrival in Thailand is a simple, efficient way to enter the country for travel and tourism purposes. The service eliminates the need for visitors to complete complicated, physical visa applications and pay a fee in Thai Baht. This service is available for citizens of 21 countries, including India. Applicants must have a valid […]

Retirement Visa in Thailand

The Non-Immigrant O-A (Long Stay) Visa, often known as the Retirement Visa, is a unique type of visa that Thailand gives to foreign nationals who want to retire there. With the opportunity to renew each year, this visa enables visitors 50 years of age or older to stay in Thailand for a year. Applicants must […]

90 Days Reporting

90 Day Reporting

If you have a Thai visa that has already been extended to a 1 year visa, not a 12 month multiple entry visa but a 90 day visa that has been extended at Thai Immigration for 1 year, then you need to report your address in Thailand to Thai immigration every 90 days. This can […]

Visa Service in Thailand

Visa Service in Thailand

Looking for a Thailand Visa Service? There is no need to use a visa service in Thailand when you can obtain assistance from qualified immigration attorneys for the exact same cost. Use the best as you will not regret using our services just as thousands of expats and tourists before you. Speak to the immigration […]