Thailand Visa Services

Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership

Unlike many other visa types, the Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership has lower application procedures and requirements. This makes it easier for members to achieve their dreams of a long-term stay in Thailand.

Membership packages are offered with varying visa validity periods and privilege points. Upon successful application, members will receive a Welcome Letter along with their member ID via email.


Indulge in a curated lifestyle of privilege points and a 5-year multiple-entry visa, perfect for those who want to experience Thailand at their own pace. Enjoy unlimited VIP treatment including greetings, escorts, and expedited immigration for the duration of your membership.

Your dedicated concierge is on hand to take care of the nitty gritty, from opening bank accounts to obtaining your driver’s license. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive events like business matching and networking, cultural immersions, and wealth advisory services.

Once you’ve submitted your documents, your GSSA will review them to catch any errors and then submit your application to Thai Immigration. You can track the status of your application within the members’ portal. Once approved, you’ll be able to affix your Thailand Elite Visa to your passport. From there, it’s time to start living your best life.


Aside from the visa, this membership package includes a lifestyle and accommodation that makes you more than just a tourist. The benefits include priority reservations, a concierge service, and an invitation to exclusive events and activities. Depending on the package, you may also get airport services including priority immigration and limousine services.

The application process is easy, and you can choose from a variety of packages. You need to submit a completed application form, a passport-sized photo, and a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form to your chosen General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). The GSSA will review the application and catch any mistakes that could result in a rejection.

The Gold package offers a 5-year visa and 20 privilege points, while the Platinum package has a 10-year visa validity period and 35 privilege points. Both options can be upgraded for additional fees. Other benefits include VIP airport services, a personal concierge, seasonal gifts, yearly health checks, premium shopping experiences, and enlightening wealth advisory seminars.


The Thailand Elite Visa program offers many packages for Chinese citizens looking for a hassle-free way to live long-term in the country. Some of these are affordable and offer benefits such as airport lounge access, healthcare discounts, golf course memberships, and more. However, the top tier – Reserve Memebership – is the best for those who want to experience the most luxurious lifestyle that Thailand has to offer.

With this package, you’ll get a five-year visa and privilege points that let you enjoy a lifestyle in Thailand tailored to your lifestyle aspirations. The package includes a VIP airport greeting and escort, an Elite personal assistant, yearly health checks, premium shopping experiences, birthday gifts, participation in seasonal events, free hotel stays, and more.

To apply for the Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership, submit a valid passport photocopy and PDPA form along with an application form. A background check will then take place. Upon approval, you’ll receive an invoice and a letter of approval.


Depending on their membership package, members can use their privilege points to obtain lifestyle services like personal shopping assistance, private tours and cultural experiences, and other customized travel arrangements. They also enjoy recreational access, as well as discounted or free domestic flights. In addition, the Thailand Elite Visa program offers health insurance coverage.

The Gold Membership is ideal for affluent expatriates who prioritize long-term stay perks and convenience. It features a 5-year visa that eliminates the need for frequent renewals and 20 privilege points that provide a premium lifestyle experience in Thailand. It is the most popular choice among retirees, business travelers, and digital nomads. In addition to visa benefits, this tier also provides access to a government concierge for expert consultation. In addition, members can receive special privileges for healthcare services and access to world-class medical institutions. The program also offers support and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, allowing them to expand their business ventures in the country.