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Thailand Marriage Visa

Thailand Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa is the visa type for a foreigner who has been legally married to a Thai national. Holders of this type of visa are permitted to stay in Thailand for one calendar year. Once expired, Marriage Visa is renewable every year without leaving Thailand.

To be eligible to apply for this visa, submit your marriage certificate along with the proofs of meeting the financial requirement.

Documents you need to prepare:

  • passport
  • passport-size photo
  • visa fee
  • Law Firm documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Travel itinerary
  • Bank Statement with at least 500 USD

Meeting the Financial Requirement

To meet the financial requirement for Marriage Visa, you have to submit proofs showing your income which can either be from abroad or within Thailand. You can use salary income, pension income, or income from stock investments or properties such as rental of houses. You need to show employment letter or pension letter, payslip or bank statements as a proof of your funds.

Must be able to show your financial evidence between:

BANK ACCOUNT SHOWING THB 400,000 (must be able to show the evidence of transfer the money to your Thai Bank account and this sum of money must be deposited in your bank account at least 2 months)


MONTHLY INCOME OF AT LEAST THB 40,000 (must present a letter from your company and we will verify this to your respective embassy). You need to obtain a letter from your employer stating how much you earn every month and we will help you verify this at your embassy in Bangkok.


For the Marriage Visa application, you need first to apply for a 90-day non-immigrant visa from outside Thailand. This serves as your initial visa so you can enter Thailand. Once you arrived in Thailand your 90-day visa will be activated. Then you can open a bank account in Thailand so you can transfer or deposit the money to meet the financial requirements. After 2 months you can secure financial statement from your bank or if you use pension, a letter from the embassy. Alternatively, you can secure a letter from your Embassy certifying your monthly income. On the last 30 days of your stay we will convert the 90-day visa to Marriage visa. One month probation period will be given. After the probation period you will be given one year visa and secure re-entry permit.


Marriage Visa holder is allowed to work, provided he will secure a work permit.


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