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Thai One Year Non-immigrant Visa

Thailand One Year Non-immigrant Visa

One Year Non-immigrant visa is issued to foreigners who wish to stay or work in Thailand for one year. This can be applied from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, and is issued before a foreigner applicant can enter Thailand.

As warranted by this visa, the applicant will receive permission to stay for 90 days each entry to Thailand. This type of visa allows multiple entries to Thailand, meaning from the date of arrival to Thailand, you can stay for a period of 90 days per entry within the One year duration from the date it was issued. To activate the second entry, you can go to the nearest border (about 4 hours away from Bangkok) so you can renew your stay for another 90 days in Thailand. The period of validity for this type of visa is one calendar year from the date of issue.

This type of visa can be converted to any long term visa such as Retirement Visa and Marriage Visa at any point within its issue without leaving Thailand. Of course, this is under the impression that you are eligible to the visa category and has fulfilled the requirements of that visa category prior to its conversion.

Non-Immigrant visa has different categories which can be summarized to the following:

  • Diplomatic visa (D) – for those employed by an embassy
  • Business visa (B)
  • Mass media visa (M) – for accredited business or press representatives
  • Dependent visa (O)
  • An expert visa (EX) – for those performing skilled or expert work
  • Investor visa (IM) – for foreigners who set-up their companies under the Board Of Investment BOI
  • Study/education visa (ED) – for teachers
  • Official (F) – Performance of official duties (involving the Thai government)
  • Capital Investment – (IM)- Investment (with concurrence of the ministries and departments concerned)
  • BOI (IB)- Investment subject to the provision of the laws on investment promotion
  • (ED)- Educational study or observation
  • (R) – Missionary work
  • (RS) – Scientific research or training, or study in an educational institution in the Kingdom
  • (EX) – Performance of skilled or expert work
  • (S) – Participation in an officially recognized sports event
  • Others “O”. Others, including dependents and retired persons

Benefits for securing One Year Non-Immigrant Visa includes ability to open a bank account and eligibility to work, provided that the holder secures a Work Permit in Thailand.

One Year Non-Immigrant Visa needs to be processed outside Thailand. The foreigner can process this in his homeland, or the country of his/her permanent residence.

In the application for One Year Non-Immigrant visa, you have to provide a copy of travel itinerary, copy of bank account statement, at least one way ticket and proof of fund (at least 500 USD). You have to show a valid passport and be able to pay for visa application fee.


  1. Preparation of important documents provided to the visa applicants and documents provided by the responsible organization for inviting the visa applicant to Thailand.
  2. Submission of the required documents to the consulate or Royal Thai embassy.
  3. Pay the embassy or consular fees either in cash, credit card, or by manager’s check.
  4. Wait for the visa to get approved. The visa processing time usually takes 5 to 10 business days depending on the Thai embassy or consulate that you visit.

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