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Thailand Visa

Thailand VisaDepending on your reason for visiting Thailand you might consider applying for a Thailand Visa with us at Law Firm. Lets consider the visa options on this page and how to best decide.

Thailand Tourist Visa

The most common visa used by people visiting Thailand is the Thailand Tourist Visa which has few options but is the easiest visa to obtain compared to some of the other visa options in Thailand.  The tourist visa is mainly a single entry visa as many Thai Embassies have stopped issuing multiple entry tourist visas. It is still the best visa to obtain if you plan on staying in Thailand for more than 30 days. The visa is valid for 2 months when you enter and can be extended in country for a further 30 days at any Thai Immigration office in Thailand.  Many expats in Thailand live in Pattaya and you can extend your visa at Pattaya Immigration or wherever there is an immigration office close to you.

Work Visa / Thailand Business Visa

The work visa or business visa does not allow you to work in Thailand. It is only there so that you may apply for a work permit in Thailand . There are jobs in Thailand but they are very restricted. Normally the visa is a single entry visa which is only valid for 3 months once entering Thailand or you could apply for a multiple entry business visa with the assistance of Law Firm. The multiple entry business visa is becoming very difficult to obtain and it is best to speak to an immigration attorney as to your options with regards to any long stay in the Kingdom. If you are over 50 you might consider a retirement visa for Thailand however there are financial conditions to this option. Speak to an immigration attorney first.

Marriage Visa

The marriage visa is normally issued for 3 months and can be extended in country for a year. There are certain conditions that need to be met when applying for a marriage visa extension and it is best to speak to an immigration attorney with regards to obtaining the extension. There a multiple entry marriage visa options however every 3 months you would need to leave the country to activate the next leg of the marriage visa.

IF you are not certain as to which visa option suits you best speak to us online 24 hours a day visa live chat or call us on our US or UK toll-free telephone numbers. We are always able to assist you at any of our law offices in Thailand.